Pink elephants 2


Pink Elephants 2 is a flash casino game developed by Thunderkick which is an upgrade to Pink Elephants, a classic casino game. The new game is set on an 8-reel slot machine, using a layout similar to that of the original version. Unlike the original version, this version includes a large variety of bonus tables including a “Money” table which pays out double the money it costs to enter. This allows players to wager more frequently and win more money. There are currently no refunds available for this product.

In this version there are three videos, two of them revolving around the theme of Pink Elephants and one dealing with the theme of Pink Elephants 2. The in-game menu is simple and user friendly and includes icons for each bonus category as well as a space to store your favorite games. The slots are straightforward and include a basic white block layout. There are two bonus tables, but other than that this version has everything you would expect from a video slot except for the “Money” slot which doesn’t pay out unless you have at least one thousand credits. Even though this is still a great video slot machine, the graphics are not the best.

The mechanics of the game are pretty much the same as the original, with the exception of the bonus tables. In order to win you need to pay out at least one time the value of the jackpot on the applicable bonus table. Although there are a number of possible combinations, not many of them will earn you any credits so that way this game isn’t as good as it could be if there were more options available. That being said, there are a couple of unique features of the Pink Elephants II video slot and I’ll discuss them here.

First off, the symbols for the bonus games are different on this game than the original. Goats are often used in slot machines, as they are a commonly used symbol and because they are a jackpot winner they get a lot of spins in slot machines. The symbols for Goat’s Head, Horns, and Clothes are all used in this version but the actual symbols used for actual money are different. In addition, the game also uses a graphical image of a goat on the screen when you play. It might not be the most attractive thing in the world, but it does make for an interesting bonus game to play. The visual is subtle but it can be hard to miss.

Also, since there are two symbols for money on the screen at once you do have a little more on go of making a decision on what symbols to bet on. Unlike the original version this version allows you to pay two different bills. This means that you will be paying out more in bonuses when you win and less when you lose. Although, you will be able to pay out more than normal due to the high volatility of the slots that you are playing.

A few differences from the original and in some cases even more differences than the new versions. For one, you now have two different playable options. You can play on the wild symbol or scatter symbol paytable. The scatter symbol paytable basically gives you the same amount of money regardless if you win or lose. On the other hand, the wild symbol pays out the exact amount of money to each winning combination. The wild symbol is recommended for those who like slots with a slightly higher payout rate.

One of the best parts of the game involves how you get the free spins round. You do not get the normal free spins just by winning. Instead, you get the free spins when you place a bet and then you get them again after you place another bet. This makes this game much more fun than it normally would be since you get to choose between many different symbols.

Pink Elephants 2 features all the exciting features that everyone is looking for from a slot machine. The free spins, the different symbols, and even the reels to make it an enjoyable game to play. There is no way that you could call Pink Elephants 2 a bad game; you will definitely have fun with it. The one slight negative to the game is that the parable is a bit short and you will need to bet pretty much all the way through to gain access to all the symbols that are on the reels.