Crystal quest frostlands


The popularity of the Crystal Quest Frostlands comes from its great interface and the addicting “line” style of play. This is unlike other classic click or roll style games, which can get old quickly. One of the great things about this particular game is that you can continue where you left off at any time, even when you restart the game. I love the fact that after you finish the first step, there are two more available levels. There are also bonus rooms available after you complete each one of the initial levels.

The “glyphs” used for the different rooms in the Crystal Quest Frostlands are not like the ones you find in other classic games. These symbols are actually small cutouts of creatures you can see with your own eyes in the game. Each room is named for a specific enemy type and once you’ve killed that particular enemy, you will be allowed to pick up the crystal for that room. The monsters themselves come in the form of small figures which move around the screen using simple controls. It’s really neat to look at them and use them to fight your enemies.

The Crystal Quest Frostlands has a few different enemies to fight including some very tough ones. In order to defeat these enemies, you will need to use the right crystal symbols and attack the enemies from the right position. If you get hit by one of these units, you will not have a lot of time before they all die. The game itself isn’t very challenging, but the graphics are pretty good. The sound effects used are really nice as well.