Cosmic voyager


Cosmic Voyager is a new video slot game available on Facebook. This is the second slot machine game by Rob Conery and the first one of its kind. It is an old-fashioned slot machine that plays like a regular video game. It is an arcade game in the true sense of the word since it is flash based, has movie-like graphics and audio sounds. It also features one thousand nine hundred possible combinations that can be used to re-arrange the reels and win big money.

Cosmic Voyager is a simple slot machine that offers five reels, three horizontal rows and ten fixed pay lines. The game is played on the table top or the dashboard. Winnings are given for two to nine matching icons landings on either a red or yellow line from right to left. You can venture to the Mongolian empire on mobile or desktop from 0.10 onwards.

To play the game you need to place your bets according to the paytable displayed on the reels. When you are looking at the pay table you will notice that there are several symbols arranged in a grid. Clicking on any symbol will add it to your virtual deck or wallet. Slots are released when you place your bet and the icons randomly come out. When one of the symbols comes out you will get a small amount of money which you can use to buy additional icons. When all the icons are used up, you have to wait until the next symbol appears on the paytable and win big money!