Beat the beast quetzalcoatl’s trial


Beat The Beast Quetzalcoatls Trial is the latest release in a long series of CCJ games that have made their way to the iPhone, iPod Touch and other mobile devices. If you are familiar with this type of game, you know that this is a very challenging and addictive game. The controls for this game are quite simple, but this game requires your quick thinking and a good eye to see the symbols displayed on screen. Even if you are a seasoned gamer you will find this game much more challenging than the others you have played before.

The game begins at the office of the Quetzal Corporation where your job is to follow the symbols on the screen and stop the beast from destroying New York. Your mission will not be easy since the beast will move, attack, and destroy anything and everything in its path. Once you manage to hit the right symbols the mid-paying symbols will reveal the next symbols. These symbols will allow you to buy up to four powers which will turn the tide of the game. Each power will give you four different colored icons that you must use in certain situations in order to defeat the beast and win the game.

There is a small downside to playing the game for the first time without purchasing the full version; you cannot use real money in the game. Purchasing the full version allows you to purchase real money that will be used in the game to make purchases and to play against other players. You can also play free spins to gain experience points and to practice for the real money version. The free spins beat the real money versions by a significant margin, so this is something you might want to practice more with.

The real fun of the game comes from the ridiculous graphics and the exciting music. The graphics were made to look as real as possible and the music was composed in a way that made you want to keep playing and beating the beast. There are four games in all, and each game offers a different set of symbols and challenges.

If you are not into the symbols and just want to enjoy the music, there is a free spin mode available to you that you can select from. The four games have received great reviews from both players and critics alike. If you enjoy playing the music only, but not the graphics, the Quetzalcoatls Trial will be the right game for you.

The fact that you can play this game for free should be reason enough for you to download it right away. The five star rating gives it more value than many similar games that cost ten dollars or more. Those paying full price for beat em ups find themselves frustrated with the limited number of options and the limited number of levels. Those who want more levels, better graphics, and options will most likely be better off downloading this game than any other on the market. If you enjoy the music as well, then you will love this flash game!